Porch Makeover

This post has been a long time comin'. I have posted photos of the porch makeover on social media, but just now found the time to sit down and write about our process, start to finish. Once the ball got rolling, things came together well and I am so pleased with how it looks. My [...]


Queso Fiesta

Fiesta? Queso? Same thing? I thought so, too. Cinco De Mayo is a few days away and I have three amazing cheese dip recipes to share with y’all. Perhaps queso really is life when you devote an entire blog post to CHEESE. But I have zero shame in my game. Whether you’re throwing a big [...]

Valentine’s Day Decor

So, here I am two days after Valentine’s Day, giving y’all decoration ideas! I know… just reference back to this post next year. 😉 I’m truly sorry. I had every intention of this being a week and a half ago, but life, ya know? But, this is going to magically evolve into a demonstration of [...]

Hello, 2019.

You know what really made a difference in 2018? Making the bed every single morning. *Que the laughter*  No, I am serious. Before this year, it was hit or miss. Somedays I would make our bed, somedays I wouldn’t. When we first got married, Logan worked nights. So he would sleep a little later than I [...]

DIY Orange Garland

Once again, I wish I could take the credit for this. Sadly, I can’t. Pinterest and other instagrammers coming in clutch for this idea. But, I loved it so much I still decided I needed to share it with y’all! Orange garland is an affordable and adorable DIY; my favorite kind. 😉 Not only does [...]

The Dids Christmas Guide

The Dids Christmas Guide

It’s crunch time people. Are you a last minute shopper? Been so swamped at work you haven’t had time to even think about gifts? Struggled to find the perfect present for your bestie? No worries. I have complied a list of gifts for you from some small businesses that still have available by-Christmas shipping or [...]

The Dids Christmas Favs

Christmas decor is in full swing over here! I'm going to share with you my current favorite decor items that I am using this year to make our little home a winter wonderland. White Bead Garland I am loving this garland. My mom always had red bead garland on our tree growing up, so it [...]